At Coastal Carbon, we offer high quality repairs of your carbon frame. We will preform repairs on all bicycle makes, whether or not they are typical round tube construction or flat frames (spread tow). All repairs are compression cured to ensure a high quality repair with the most optimal strength to weight ratio. We only do repairs with carbon fabric weaves that match the frame construction. Some repairs call for higher modulus carbon, while other repairs need more flexibility and impact resistance in areas and the knowledge of what to use and where to use it is just one of the many reasons to trust Coastal Carbon with your frame. Once a repair has been done on a frame it will add minimal weight but increase the strength of the frame overall in the area of repair, so another fracture in the same area is not likely unless there is a design flaw in the frame (such as carbon to metal bond joints) which is extremely rare.

In addition to repairing your frame, we also offer full service paint work. Whether its touching up your frame from years of use, paint matching a repair, or just a truly custom paint job that you can show off on the road. Our paint selection is vast and there is no color or design we cant do for you.