Other Repair Services

Although we market mainly toward bicycle frames, we take great pride in operating our business as a one stop shop for all products that are composite in nature. We offer both cosmetic and structural repair for everything from kayaks to high performance cars. We even do fleet repairs for the go-kart amusement park industry.

In addition to our composite repair and fabrication services we also offer plastic welding for all plastic based products. Our number one customer in that area is always kayaks but we also service plastic industrial and commercial storage tanks.

We extend our paint services to all of our repairs no matter what the item is. With our paint systems we can guarantee we will have the proper coating type for it.

The same level of professionalism and quality go in to all of our repairs regardless of what type of equipment they are. For any of these services or questions about these services that are offered please contact us via our Contact Form or gives us a call.