After filling out the Order Form and submitting it along with pictures of the damage, we will contact you within 72 hours and give you a quote. From there we will send directions for shipping.

We only repair frames and to repair your frame as quickly as possible we require that your bike be stripped down completely. No cabling, cranks, forks, handlebars, bottle holders, rims, etc. We do offer a tear down/rebuild service for $120. If your bike is shipped without requesting the bike tear down service and it is not down to the frame there will be an additional charge. At the same time the shipping directions are sent to you, you will be contacted to pay the deposit. The deposit is credited toward the repair and consists of a $50 inspection fee and 50% of the cost of repair. The remaining 50% of the repair cost will have to be paid upon completion of the repair before the frame can be picked up or shipped back. We don't include the cost of shipping and handling in the repair price since shipping varies according to locale.

You can expect to be without your bike for 3-4 weeks, after shipping to and from us and the time to do the repair we have found this to be the average. In some repair cases the damage is more extensive and may take a little longer than expected. In this case we will contact you to let you know of the adjust in schedule.

When we return ship your frame after the repair completion you will also be sent Care Instructions to help maintain the quality and durability of the repair as well as your frame.

what you need to know