Frequently asked questions

1. What do you repair?
We repair carbon frames. No matter the make or type of damage. In some very rare cases we may come across a repair that is not feasible due to location and/or frame design.

2. How long does a repair take?
A typical repair will take 3-4 weeks. That's from the time you ship your frame to us and we return it to you. In some cases a repair takes a little more time then estimated but we try our best not to rush a repair to meet our repair time estimate. If there is ever a chance we think a repair will need a few more days to complete, we will be in contact with you to let you know. Our highest priority is to have each repair done right and to achieve the highest quality repair possible.

3. What brands do you repair?
We repair ALL brands. It doesn't matter who made it, carbon is carbon and we know how to fix it.

4. What finishes do you offer?
At this time we only offer a UV inhibitor coating on all raw repairs. This is included in the price of the repair and helps to protect the repair until painted by your choice of finisher. We are currently looking for a local finishing professional to partner with.

5. How much does a repair cost?
The cost of the repair depends on the type of damage. You can visit our Repair Levels page under the Services tab to get a better idea of how the repairs are priced.

6. Do you require a deposit?
Yes. All frames sent in or dropped off for repair must be accompanied with a $150 deposit. This will cover the inspection fee of $50. The remaining $100 is then put towards the repair. When the repair is finished you will be contacted to pay the remaining balance.

7. Do I need to disassemble my bike?
Yes, if you are sending in your frame or dropping it off for a repair then the bike should be fully disassembled down to the frame. That includes cabling. We do offer a bike tear down service at an additional charge if you do no want to disassemble your bike yourself.

8. How do I ship my frame?
You can use all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Also we work with Bike Flights for bike shipments. Please be sure you package your frame properly and insure it accordingly.  Coastal Carbon Repair is not responsible for any damages from shipment.

9. What is your mailing address?
Our shipping and mailing address is:
Coastal Carbon
3761 Renee Drive Suite 117
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

10. Can my bike shop send in my frame?
Yes. Your bike shop can send your frame in for you. They can even handle the repair as if they were the one sending it in so the frame can be shipped from them and returned to them directly.

11. Can I drop my frame off?
Yes but be sure to contact us at least 48 hours in advanced to schedule a time. We value your time and want to make sure we have someone available to take care of your frame and get your repair process started.

12. Will the bike look the same?
The repairs will be hard to notice. On more critical repairs, you may have a small rise on your frame where the repair begins and ends due to the extra material added, but we fair all of our repairs to minimize this build up and smooth the repair into the frame. We vacuum bag all of our repairs to ensure that minimal build up occurs.

13. Will my bike ride differently?
No, your bike will not ride differently than before. In some rare cases, with large repairs there may be a little more stiffness in the tube that was repaired but it will not be noticeable when riding it. We match our repairs to your frame, so the same type of carbon weave, modulus, and ply orientation are used. This leaves the frames original characteristics unaltered.

14. Will my bike weigh more after the repair?
Your bike will gain a few grams of weight due to the added reinforcement but it is very rare to have a repair that adds more than 10 grams of weight. We use a compression curing process on all repairs to guarantee the best weight to strength ratio for each repair.

15. Do you have a warranty?
Yes, we do offer a 5 year limited warranty on all repairs. You can read over the warranty agreement on our Warranty page under the About tab.

16. What else do you repair?
We repair all composite based sports equipment. Everything from kayaks to performance cars to hobby sailboats. For any inquiries on repairs of these types please feel free to contact us for a free estimate. For more information please see our Other Services page under Services.