Advanced Carbon Fiber Frame Repair

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About Carbon

Carbon fibers have been used in high performance applications from airplanes to automobiles and from satellites to sporting goods.  The synthetic carbon industry had its official beginning in 1886 with the creation of the National Carbon Company.

Coastal Carbon was founded in 2014. We are located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and serve the local Grand Strand area for advanced composite repair. Being a full service composites shop...

At Coastal Carbon, we offer high quality repairs of your carbon bicycle frame. We will preform repairs on all bicycle makes, whether or not they are typical round tube construction or flat frames (spread tow). All repairs...


Carbon Fiber is stronger than steel but sometimes your passion for riding can push your frame past its limits. That's why we are here. Coastal Carbon is a full service carbon repair shop that can get you back riding with a professional high quality repair that will stand up to whatever you can throw at it. We repair all types of damage, from small nicks and scrapes to completely fractured frames. We use only advanced curing techniques that will ensure the strongest yet lightest repair possible. For more information about our repair services visit our Services page.